March 14th, 2006


OMG WTF YYYYY 2|\|igh7?

So next Saturday:
The 4th Beloit College ballroom dance for the semester will be held this Saturday, March 18th, at Pearsons, from 10-1. The advanced workshop will be on lifts & aerials in your Swing dance. The beginner workshop will be an introduction to Hustle, another Swing rhythm. Hope you can come!
I wanna do lifts! I love hustle! I can skip the hustle lesson no problem but it looks like the one of the most important game sessions of the year will be that night. *sigh* Choices, choices.

Edit: Pro/Con List

Pro Workshop:
I really like lifts.
My favorite partners will be there.
Darah is one of the best dance teachers I've ever run across.
Shared body of knowledge with other dancers.

Con Workshop:
Will be able to learn lifts other places.
Don't know if I'm ready for lifts.
Don't have a partner. I'm not confident learning lifts with just whoever's there, if there even are enough extra follows.

Pro Game:
Been working towards this plot for two and a half months.
No reasonable in-character excuse to be absent.
As competitor important to plot; ergo game for twenty other people involved.

Con Game:
None. Just pro workshop list.

The ideal solution would be to leave at 8:00 and come back after the worshop (9:00) but I don't know if that's feasible.

Edit 2: GM zoogeek made the ideal solution happen! I <3 her like this much!

So anyone want to partner with me for the aerials workshop?

Edit 3: And now it seems I have a partner. I have good friends.


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