March 11th, 2006



Yesterday deserves a longer post, though that " *smile* " summed things up pretty well.

For starters, I'm out of work. I gave notice on Wednesday and for some reason my boss thought I was quitting on the spot. On Thursday he decided not to open. Yesterday he decided not to open. I can only assume that he's not opening today, which was supposed to be my last day. So no more job. This is not a bad thing. I have several places that seem like they're going to make offers. If I don't hear from them in a week then I go back to trolling for work.

So why am I not going trolling right away? Because I'm really behind on my writing and I'd promised Tamir a new draught by the end of March. So for at least the next week I'm switching to full time writing. Like a job. Each day getting dressed in a shirt and tie like I was going to the office and plugging away in the library from 10 to 6 with a forty-five minute break for lunch. It would be 9 to 5 but they don't open til 10.

Full time writing is a nerve wracking experience, not only for the financial reasons but it's the ultimate put-up-or-shut-up for a writer. I know that I can do this - I've done it before - but not for a year and a half and under very different conditions. Even so I'm excited.

Then there was last night. guardian852 came over from Milwaukee and shadow1869 came up from Beloit to go dancing. To my surprise they found each other and started bonding before I even got there thus removing the "are my friends going to like each other?" jitters. The dancing was great. Shadow's technique has really improved and now I'm the one worried about keeping up with her. Guardian led me through a hustle and a swing; I'm starting to feel more comfortable as a follow. Shadow and I both tried to teach salsa to Guardian, which he picked up rather quickly. All of us got excited about Faerie Ball.

After dance there was diner hang out til about 1. It was a blast, a lot of funny conversation and people telling each other stories. I love my friends.

This morning I got up early to head over to Marshall and try and pick up my bokken, which I accidentally left there after the weapons seminar. No one was at the dojo so it was a wasted trip. I'll try again tomorrow. At least I got to listen to The Last Five Years again.

Still happy about yesterday. And next week.