March 7th, 2006



Work sucked today though I didn't mind a whole lot. Not many customers but for the first time tips averaged %15. Then there was the fact that we had a bank representative there the whole day to evaluate if we got the loan that would let us keep open.

After work I headed over to Netherworld and ran into runthebear, rouxgoss, Zim, and Ted. Seeing them was fun Then it was up to Peppino's for a job interview. Hope that ledas to something. Afterwards I headed back to Netherworld where I met some gamers who taught me Shadowfist. I don't care for it a whole lot but one of them will be joining l5r so we've got the four I was going for. Then, in search of food, I headed over to J.T. Whitney's where I listend to live jazz and made an important discovery:

Pizza + artichoke hearts = delicious

Left out a few things, but all in all a good day.