March 6th, 2006



So there's no UWMBDA this Friday. There is, however, dancing in Madison. I promised shadow1869 that I'd post the information and here it is:
Friday Night Ballroom
brought to you by the Friday Night DJ's
Kevin Baggett and Kimberly Coughlan
Contact info:

DJ's of the past and present:

Everett Glover, Laura Brashi Baggett, Kevin Baggett, Mike Kavana, Kimberly Coughlan

Every Friday Night at Madison Turners

DJ'ed Ballroom Music

9pm - Midnight

$7.00 ($4.00 for students with ID's & first - timers)

It's a lot of FUN!

Very spacious wood-floored gymnasium area with main dancing and practice area.
The dance is at Turner's Hall, that's at 3001 South Stoughton Rd., Madison, WI, 53716.

All Beloit people are welcome to attend. If you talk to Darrah he'll probably give you course credit for coming, too.