March 4th, 2006


Good day in spite of bad customers

Fridays are always busy days at the restaurant. If you don't understand why I'm not giving you any help. Despite being run ragged and providing exemplary service I only averaged slightly below 10% on tips. Fucking customers. I hate them, all of them, no exception. Then there was the argument wtih my boss that yes, I get a share of the waiters' tips, even if I'm working as bartender at the time and not a waiter, if we're swamped and I help them with tables. Fuck, I'm the only bartender I know that doesn't demand a tip share regardless of whether they're helping or not.

Ah well. Hopefully I won't be there much longer.

But there were upsides, too. guardian852 came by. It was good to hang out and talk to him about RAGE!!! I'm really proud of him for his stuff with the peace corp. After my shift ended I had an hour supervising as manager, then headed out to UWMBDA. It was a really fun dance but the highlight was going down to the Mexican club for their salsa/merengue demonstration and lesson. The demo dances were incredible. I didn't know you could do aerials in salsa! The lesson was pretty good too and I think I'll have a cool new merengue move. After the dance I helped people clean up and organized a posse to go for food. Apparently while Madiosn has no good diners it does have 24 hour Mexican restaurants with burritos the sie of your head.

Then on the way home I got a warning instead of the ticket I so richly desreved.


Fuck you, lousy tippers! But otherwise huzzah!

Other good thing

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention: I've got two more players for my l5r game. One more and we've got a group!

Edit: I'm meeting with the two on Sunday at Netherworld, one at 3:00, one at 5:30. ladyfox, if you're interested in meeting with either or both of them to screen for gaming compatability you're welcome to come along.