March 2nd, 2006


New Job

Had the "interview" at Pasta Tutto today. This consisted entirely of talking about their procedures and scheduling so I'm pretty sure I have a new job. Now I just have to resign tomorrow. PT is on State Street which means foot traffic. And they're usually very busy. They're established. They charge higher prices. The waitstaff tips out to the bar. Hooray for money! Hooray for class! Hooray for not having to listen to my boss shouting about burning the place down two sentences before he starts shouting about how he hates white people!

The schedule at the new place is awesome. I'll still be able to do larp, still be able to do lindy lessons. And they don't open til 3:30 in the afternoon so that means I'll be able to make the noon aikido classes on Tuesday and Thursday, and the Monday and Wednesday morning classes. I may start doing the Latin lunch at Art of Dance. And possibly the katori shinto ryu classes.