February 27th, 2006


Invitation, Whining, and Counter-Whine

First the invitation:

For you Beloiters Spring Break is coming up. This often means a lack of activities. For those of you who like to dance you would be most welcome at the UWMBDA dances this and the following Friday. The first one will be preceeded by an Argentine tango lesson, and the second a lesson TBA. These dances are amazing; any and all of you are welcome to come and I promise you'll enjoy it.

Now the whining.

Today sucked for the most part. It's becoming clear that I won't be able to make ends meet at Cool Runnings. Two things happened, both apparently good but with elements of suck. The first was getting called to set up an interview with Pasta Tutto, a somewhat nice Italian restaurant on State Street. It should pay more if I get it but it's driving in the fact I can't stay at Cool Runnings. Then Barry officially made me a manager. I have no more idea how to run a restaurnt than he does and I'm really not comfortable with the pressure of being afraid I'll ruin him. Or leave him in a week. And the chances of getting a raise out of this are slim as there really isn't the money. At least I'll be able to set the schedule now.

After work I headed to ragstock to get larp costuming I can't afford but managed to find an excellent kimono for mourning for only $4. Still didn't like spending that but I can deal with it. Then I got a hair cut and the barber misunderstood me, buzzing my entire head rather than just the sides. I'm told it looks good but I still don't like it; reminds me too much of my hair in highschool. On the way back to the car I passed a dojo offerring some sword art. On a whim I checked it out and was thrown into the current class. I was very excited to find that my friend James was one of the teachers.

And then there was the class. Awful in nearly every way. Their facilities were shit, the instructors were underqualified, and attention was lacking despite the small class size. The worst part is now Joe's going to ask what I thought and if I'll be joining. Rhetoric to the rescue.

Then there was just a general depression today that sapped all my energy. Didn't make it to aikido tonight. Was going to skip dance too but it's the last Lindy class in the beginners' series so I dragged myself. This was absolutely the right decision. I was smiling in no time.

They restart next Monday and since it's free I'm going to retake the beginner's course. I'm also going to take the intermediate course which will be doing Charleston for the next month. It's the bees' knees, daddy-o!