February 26th, 2006



Went down to Beloit last night for larp. One of the best sessions I've been in. Yes there were coordination problems but my character wasn't involved with them. Then there was amazing development and one of my kata students is teaching it to someone else. The system works! I'm still having some probles with character development, mostly stemming from the fact I can't get XP from blue booking and feel like my efforts to make up for that are being marginalized. I understand that the GMs are pressed for time and can't always give every character the necessary attention but more than 1 xp for 8 pages of fic, after the preceeding 14 got nothing would be nice. I'm not upset, just a little frustrated. Ah well, that's why you talk to your GM about what you want and need from your game. Andy said to hit him up at some point so I'll try and talk to him in the three weeks before next session. There could be more character gushing but I'll save it for now.

In other news: Last Five Years. Specifically, "Nobody Need to Know." I think you can waltz to this. While it's not my first choice for a lead-and-follow dance I'm filled with the urge to choreograph something for this.

And now I'm off to seminar. Hooray for katanas!

Workshop and Game

The weapons workshop today was amazing. The sensei was a fifty year old Italian man wiht a speech impediment. Despite the fact you couldn't understand about eighty-five percent of what he said he was able to communicate incredibly effectively through his technique alone. Not just how to do the moves but the philosophy and concepts behind them. It was, quite literally, magical.

This is why the Akashics have Mind as their sphere rather than Forces or Life.

The workshop focused mostly on kata, both kenjutsu and jojutsu kata. This meant bokken and jo staff. With one jo kata in the beginning all the katas were paired, some bokken, some jo, and some with both. We do weapons work in aikido for a variety of reasons. The majority of the open-hand techniques are derived from sword techniques and understanding the relation can have an extremely benneficial effect on one's technique; for example my shiho nage improved immensely the moment I understood the kenjutsu technique it was derived from. We do paired katas to learn how to judge distance and timing. But the main reason is to learn to blend one's energy with a partner. Maybe that partner will be an attacker one day in which case it is essential to the principles of aikido to share energy.

The result of all this is that practicing aikido is an extremely energetic experience. Whenever you're on the mat you and your partner are passing energy back and forth. And so when you finish at the end of the day you leave with the energy of everyone in the dojo. And they leave with yours. You feel amazing.

God I love aikido.

On the downside I forgot my bokken there and can't retrieve it til next Sunday but there's no larp for three weeks so it'll be okay.

On the way home I called my parents. I wanted to talk about some of the things I'd read in Self Made Man. Dear God do I love my parents. I read about some of the relations men have with their fathers and I just want to cry for them. While Vincent may have problems as a cultural observer I will always be grateful to her for getting me to talk to my parents about things. I think my dad was ready to cry when I told him that I always felt like he supported me and encouraged me and how much it helped me having him tell me he loved me both when I was growing up and now.


In thematically related news, LARP!!! Michio is eating my brain. So last night he got a letter. The moment it came I had a flash that his father was dead, though I restrained myself from saying anything. And lo and behold. I method-acted it as best I could, trying to imagine what it would be like if I got a message that my Dad had died as a result of random chance. There were parts of game I was ready to break down and cry. I seem to be channelling him rather strongly right now. Next fic is going to be rather poignant.

In other news, below is the best AIM conversation ever:

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