February 21st, 2006



So I finished part 3 of "Resolve." I think this is my favorite so far. It's far more abstract than the first two pieces in a way that I think truly reflects the iaijutsu structure of the story. The beginning is a dream that touches on everything wrong with Michio's life, in the middle he gathers himself so that he can deal with his troubles, and in the end you see him really doing something about it.

This was one of the hardest stories to write but also extremely worthwhile. Getting into Michio's... madness for lack of a better word was an experience I've not had lately. Pinning down how he really saw other members of the court was a tremendous challenge. Pinning down how the other members of the court really acted and spoke was nearly impossible. Writing the last section with lacrimawanders was one of the most enjoyable RP experiences I've had in recent memory.

Free ski trip!!!!

Edit: Now with clarity!

Last Friday I won a free ski trip for this coming Saturday. Because I A) have work that day, B) have larp that evening, and C) can't ski and no desire to blow off A and B to spend the whole day on the bunny slope, I am giving the trip away to whatever two people want it. Please somebody take this.

First person to reply to this post gets a free ski trip for two this Saturday. The trip includes:

-You and a guest
-Transportation to Devils Head Ski Resort
-Free Ski/snowboard rentals
-Free lift tickets
-Free Food, Drinks, and Music
-Prizes all day long

You must provide your own transportation to the departure point (somewhere in Madison).

Please, please, please someone respond. This shouldn't go to waste.

Hanzo, the Razor

God bless and/or curse Netflix for their suggestions.

I just watched what may be the best and worst samurai movie I have ever seen. It's called Hanzo, the Razor: The Snare, and yes that means it's a sequel. I hadn't seen the original but it doesn't seem to be necessary. Here's a synopsisCollapse )

Fro, you should check this out. You'll laugh your goddamn ass off.