February 20th, 2006


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Work was slow today. I've begun bringing books with me for the slow periods which should help me catch up on my reading. Today was Aikido in America a collection of thirteen essays by the foremost American aikidoka. It's an amazing book and the fact it was edited by my sensei doesn't hurt. I got through the first three essays and just started on the fourth by a woman named Mary Heiny. Heiny is the highest ranked caucasian woman aikidoka in the world. Pretty cool.

After work I go to class. And Cooper Sensei makes an announcement: Heiny is coming to teach a seminar next month.

Hot damn!

There was also lindy hop tonight after aikido. The swing out's really coming along. Lacrima, I may be ready to lindy with you next dance. Which reminds me, I'll be coming down to Beloit this Friday night for the salsa dance. Should get there around nine or nine-thirty.

Actually I'll be going down tomorrow afternoon to close out my bank account. Won't be staying or dropping by though as I have to immediately rush back to Madison. Fucking banks.

And to go back to an earlier note, here's a section from Robert Frager's essay in Aikido in America. Collapse )