February 19th, 2006



Went down to Beloit for larp tonight. The game was fucking awesome, one of the only times I've actually felt the nervousness my character feels. While some things the GMs have done in this game have irritated me (i.e. railroading players, skipping over personal plot) in a game with two dozen players and two GMs you can't please everyone about everything all of the time. And the fact is the game is more than good enough to have me miss the most profitable night of the week at work in order to pay $20 in gasoline and drive an hour each way to play. I heart Caitlin and Andy.

Have you hugged your GM lately?

In other news I finished part 2 of "Resolve," my Crane larp fic. I'm ready start part 3 but that's going to be... complicated. So much approval needed...