February 18th, 2006



I know I complain about my job a lot on here but I actually really enjoy it. It's just that the bad stories are far more enteraining than "I served a family their lunch. They enjoyed their food and went home happy. That made me smile." That said, I do get fucking pissed when a group of people sit in the restaurant for an hour while I'm the only person serving food to the five tables we have there, have an average of three drinks each and snacks, run up a $56 bill, and tip my less than a dollar-fifty. Fuck you.

It seems I'm moving up to full time next week. Huzzah!

Despite being exhausted I went to UWMBDA tonight after work. They had a live band and opened up the Memorial Ballroom which was absolutely gorgeous. And had an absolutely amazing bolero. It's good that I'm starting to make friends in the club, too.

In other news: you know those radio promotions that nobody ever wins? Yeah, I won a ski trip. Makes me wish I knew how to ski.