February 16th, 2006



Had my first double shift today which meant ten hours. I'm tired but not dead. Don't know why. Also don't know why I agreed to switch my evening shift to another double tomorrow, especially because the lunch tips are bullshit. Okay, I'm done whining. Now here's an anecdote.

So these two guys come into the restaurant around six. They order a pitcher of Fuller's ESB (a very tasty ale) between them. They talk, order some wings, have a good time. They end up chatting with the whole staff (except for them the restaurant is empty) and we have a pretty good time. About six-thirty they order their second pitcher. At about six-fifty they've finished the second pitcher. Both are obviously intoxicated, if not drunk, talking louder and louder, becoming physically affectionate, saying how much they love each other, and laughing far too loud. I make mental note to cut them off though I doubt it'll be an issue. Then one of them wants to try a Jamaican beer. I tell him that I can't serve him. First time I've ever had to flag a customer in a professional capacity. At first he's incredulous and disbelieving, a little annoyed, but he accepts it.

Then the chef takes me aside and demands to know why I won't serve him.

I do my best to explain the symptoms he's demonstrating, that downing a pitcher of beer in an hour is too fast for me to continue responsible service, and that if anything happens to him at all related to alcohol both the restaurant and I are morally and legally responsible. He tells me to serve them.

So my mind is going, "Oh shit, there goes my job." I insist that I can't serve them. No, not even just one more beer.

We rejoin them at the bar. One guy, the guy who didn't ask for another beer, leaves. I check to make sure he can get home safely. The chef continues to glare at me. Eventually my supervisor comes in and pieces together what's happened. After the guy gets picked up my supervisor takes me aside and says he's happy with how I handled things.

So I still have a job.


No work today. Too much snow so they called me and told me not to come in.

I should do some writing.