February 14th, 2006


Valentine's Day

And so another Valentine's Day is here. I've already expressed my feelings about the day and dont feel the need to repeat them but suffice it to say my attitude hasn't changed. To those of you in relationships: I hope you and your loved one enjoy today and remember that the point of Valentine's day is not an obligation for romance but a reminder to step back and simply enjoy this time with your loved one (or loved ones. You know who you are). To those of you not in relationships but searching: remember that as bothersome as these reminders of your singleness may be the fact is they couldn't thrive unless the odds were in your favor. And to those others like me, single and not looking: well there's really not a lot to say to you because theoretically you're satisfied with your singleness.

In other news despite not being scheduled for today at my boss's request I went into work. And stayed late. Kevin Smith quotations ("I'm not even supposed to be here today!") may have played repeatedly in my head despite the fact nothing at all unpleasant happened.

And why not: Collapse )