February 13th, 2006



Following the pattern of every job I've ever had I woke up for my first day of work rather ill. At least it was just a runny and stuffy nose rather than my usual bouts of nausua. At any rate I decided that even if I couldn't call a sick day at work at least it meant that I didn't have to get up for my 6:00 AM aikido class. So I go back to sleep and several hours later I go into Cool Runnings.

After a crash course in the restaurant's setup, which mostly consisted of how to work the register, I got to work serving. It was a slow day and I only made about $10 in tips bringing the full day's earnings to only slightly over twenty bucks. Disappointing and if it continues may result in taking a second job but I'll wait to finish a full week before making that assessment. And then there's another monkey wrench thrown in:

At around two Barry asked me if I could stay a bit late that day (I was scheduled off shift. I could and since I had nothing to do I agreed. At around two-thirty, three o'clock Barry takes me aside and starts asking me things such as have I ever lead a group before when I was catering? In any other business. To cut a long story short Barry tells me they're considering making me a manager in a few weeks and havng me run the restaurant.

The Hell?

Work and Game

Okay, I finally have a work schedule which means I know what my life is like. That means I'm ready to start planning other aspects of my life. Specifically: game. I will be starting a Legend of the Five Rings RPG either this week or next depending on how quickly I get responses. I am looking for four to six players who are intersted in a character-driven game. Sessions will take place either Sunday afternoons or early evenings depending on the players' preferences. Anyone intersted in a prototype one-shot should let me know.