February 10th, 2006


Guess What I Smell Like?

Sweat and cheap tequilla!

So Latin Palace opened tonight. I showed up at 10:00 thinking it would be somewhat full but wouldn't be packed yet. Wrong! I head up the stairs, through the doors, and as my ID is being checked and I'm being run over with a security wand I'm hit with how full this place is. The sign above the door limits it to 450 and they must have been pushing it already.

Well believe it or not this was my first time going clubbing and I had some nervousness about going alone (Joe didnt end up coming) so I headed over to the bar to get something to calm me down. Well that and the fact I had a free drink ticket I'd received when I came in that was burning a hole in my pocket. I faced a bit of disappointment when none of the bartenders knew how to make a mojito (packet of sugar, three sprigs of mint, and a splash of soda water in a highball glass. Muddle. Add a count of lime juice, two lime wedges, and pack with ice. Pour in six counts of rum and top off with soda water. Cover and shake, garnish with a sprig of min. Sounds more complicated than it is) so I just had a rail margarita on the rocks, no salt. That got me started and then it was time for the real reason I was there: dancing.

Now in every dance movie there's a scene where the talented but uninspired ballroom dancer, competetive of course, finds him or herself in a nightclub, invariably a Latin nightclub, learning how to dance the usual dances but with a completely different feel. Well I may not be as skilled, and certainly not as talented, as that dancer but I had that experience. There were three rhythms at the club: merengue, samba, and salsa. And the one that mattered was salsa. I can do salsa, I've done it many times in Beloit, UWMBDA, the various Philly places I've danced, and Chicago, but I've never danced salsa like this.

The steps were the same but the attitude was extremely different, as was the environment. For starters: you have no space. Now I admit I have a tendency to take up more than my share of space on the dance floor (I'm working on it!) but you had no space here. We're talking about a quarter the space of a phone booth. That's not for each person, that's for the couple. I think the point is that you're supposed to dance very close to your partner but I'm not comfortable doing that with strangers unless we're flirting and I wasn't there to pick up chicks. This caused problems.

So the solution: I need a female friend who loves Latin music and culture to come up and go dancing. Anyone interested?

And lastly, just beacuse I can: Collapse )


I have another interview for Monday. Yay.

Maybe this will actually go beyond a second interview this time.

I really shouldn't be this jaded about the process. I'm just... frustrated. I tend to ace my interveiws, ace my second interviews, then never hear from anyone again. What does it take?

More to come later. Probably.