January 23rd, 2006


Gays and Republicans

I just passed through the kitchen where Sarah is meeting with her bankruptcy attorney and overheard him saying, with complete sincerity, "Bush is the second best president in history. He'd have been the best if he liked jelly beans. Reagan was the best." This is not a synopsis, those are his exact words. I strove very hard to bite my tongue and not piss off the man who's trying to save my landlady's finances (I could see her visibly holding herself back) but it was a stretch, especially when he started talking about college students and Republicans.

The hardest part about keeping myself from responding to his liberal bashing was I just got back from filling out an application at Club 5, the biggest gay bar I've ever seen. I may not be gay but it seems like it would be fun to work at.

And as long as we're talking bars, I got a call from Basie's at the Middleton Radisson hotel to come in for an interview tomorrow. I don't think I'd go there instead of Kimia but it's worth taking the meeting at least.

In the meantime I've got more reading to keep me busy and aikido tonight. Adieu.

Gah! Decisions?

So I just got an e-mail. It seemes the Boilermaker Jazz Band - the amazing, amazing re-enactment big band from New Years Eve - will be performing at the Swinger's Ball at the Willowbrook Ballroom in Chicago on February 4.

So here's the problem: that overlaps with larp which means i need to choose which I'm going to go to. Larp is significantly cheaper, is pretty much my only social time with Beloiters, and I love the game. On the other hand, hey! Dancing! With live music! And black tie optional! And cocktail hour! And Ocean's Eleven. And dance contest! And red roses! Gah!

So here's the deal: if I can get three other people to come with (including splitting transportation costs) I'll be going dancing. More info can be found at http://www.swingersballinfo.com/ The following people are strongly advised to consider going:

adsartha (first fifty ladies in red dresses get free roses)
lacrimawanders (vintage clothing: 20's to 50's!)

Anybody else who wants to go. I'll be forwarding a copy of this to the Ballroom list.

Edit: Screw it, I'm going. Now who's coming with? Jasmine's a go, that leaves three spaces in my car.