January 22nd, 2006


First Time Back in Beloit

So today I had some banking to take care of in Beloit. There was also a ballroom dance in the evening. Because the bank closed at noon this meant today wasn't just my first time visiting Beloit since graduating, it meant a full day there.

Before getting into the details let me take a moment to describe both my general attitude about returning and what the day was generally like. You see, I had very specifically decided that I did not want to make visits to Beloit, "just because." It was and remains my explicit goal to not be one of those creepy alumns who just refuses to move on. This meant not making a bunch of fanfare about coming back ("Oh my God, you've been gone for a whole month!"), not making overlong visits, and not staying around without a specific purpose. Now I had two very good reasons for going to Beloit today, one of which had nothing to do with the college and the other of which only had a slight to do with BSFFA, but I still felt like I was cheating, that I shouldn't be going back this soon.

Overall, being in Beloit was like watching a movie you know intimately but with the sound off. Everything looks familiar, you know everything going on, but there's still the break that leaves everything feeling off.

So I get down there, take care of my bank business, and head over to the college to get a classic craptacular Commons breakfast. There wasn't anyone to swipe me a meal for breakfast, but fortunately the swiper decides making change for my attempt to pay is not worth the time or aggravation and simply waves me through. And so I get my food, go to the BSFFA table, and there is no one there. Now I've had my share of meals alone in school and it's not something that generally bothers me, and to tell the truth this didn't bother me either but it did leave me feeling very strange. I wasn't a student, I didn't belong here. Heck, I hadn't even paid for this. I was a guest but I was a guest without a host.

After breakfast I headed over to Pearson's where eloael had told me she was working front desk and that I should come by and hang with her. So I did. It was good to spend time with her and broke through a lot of the wierdness.

Then I went over to BSFFA and the wierdness came back. I spent the afternoon and early evening in Buddha and Joe's room playing Fable as no one was around and I had no wish to make a nuissance of myself by doing something like taking over the lounge TV. During the course of the day various people came by, I hung out with them, and not_a_girl swiped me in for dinner. Dinner was much better, spent mostly with Not a Girl, runthebear, mythic, jinxmurphy, and theljparadox.

Later in the evening there was the dance. I partenered with thian_un for the intermediate tango lesson, learned a very cool move I can do about 70% of the time and a somewhat cool move I can do about 20% of the time. I never really spent much time with Thian when I was a student (part of the problem was my reclusive habits before last semester and how she was in Hong Kong last semester) but we've chatted a little online since then. It was definitely a pleasure to dance with her. In addition to Thian, my main partner tonight wound up being shadow1869 who remains, as ever, completely awesome. There were other partners, including absolute delight when mythic showed up. By and large it was an excellent night for dance.

After the dance I bid my farewells to the dancers, got my shoes, grabbed some stuff from Tower I forgot when I moved out, bid my farewells to BSFFites, and drove home. When I got home (about 2:30 for the record) Sarah's car wasn't in the driveway and all the lights were off. I'm not sure if she's here right now but it's rather surprising. Except now I think I'm remembering something about her saying she was going to be away tonight. *shrug* It'll all clear up. In any event I had the house to myself, drew a bath, tossed in some bath oils, and got a long soak after the exhaustion of dancing my ass off for four hours and a long drive home.

So in conclusion:
-Going back to Beloit can work but is happiest when I have something very specific to do.
-Spending time with BSFFA's is good. Spending time in BSFFA is not the wisest course of action.
-Dance is amazing.
-Not as amazing as my friends.*

*Apologies to all friends who did not get specific mentions. This was not intended to be a complete account of my day (I didn't put anything in it about my post-dance taco, for example) but rather a set of bullet-pointed highlights. Just because you're not on here does not mean I don't remember spending time with you today or that said time was unimportant.