January 21st, 2006


Excellent Day

This post is going to be far shorter than it probably should be given the positive material but I'm utterly exhausted. So there.

Woke up at 9, as per usual. After taking care of hygine and getting gussied up in my job-hunting suit (presentation is everything when applying for a job. Even if all I'm doing is filling out a form I'd rather be remembered as, "That polite young man in the suit," than, "some guy") I came out of my room to fix breakfast only to see Sarah (my landlady) having coffee with a lovely young lady of about my age. I can't recall her name and vaguely got the impression Sarah was trying to get me intersted in her (no dice) but it began the day on a much more social note than I expected outside of school. Odd but not bad and I got a nice compliment on the suit and my character out of it.

At 11 I headed over to the library to print out Mapquest directions to today's job search sites and then began my trek. I've reached the point in my search where the places are no longer centrally located which meant a lot more hopping from one site to the next with little rhyme or reason. There was a method to the order but I don't feel like putting it here. Let us just say, "Fucking traveling salesman problem" and be done with it. At any rate this meant the search was long and arduous, particularly at 2:30 when it started to snow. Hard. I hit up a few more places than called it a day at 3:45 as I was way out in east Madison and didn't want to keep plowing though the snow any more than I absolutely had to.

At any rate, I'm about to go home when I remember that Kami, the manager from Kimia Lounge, had said if I didn't hear from him today that I should give him a call. So I do. He asks me to come in for a second interview at five, no, make that four-thirty. So I do. Instead of interviewing me again himself or having the owner interview me, he passes me over to another floor employee, a guy named Matthew who's pulling his first ever bartending shift tonight as we speak. Type. Whatever. Kami, it seems, believes that it's important employees all work well together and as a way of ensuring new employees mesh with the old, he occassionally has current employees interview prospective employees.

The interview goes well and then Kami comes back and talk to me. In a nut shell he tells me he doesn't know if I'll work out because he thinks I'm too conservative (wtf?) and straightlaced (true) to really blend with the employees but then he offers me a job anyway. I have enough sense not to argue with his assessment of me as all it can accomplish is get him to change his mind about hiring me and resolve instead to change what he thinks of me through my work and staff interactions. He also tells me he doesn't think I know anything about bartending. *grumble*

So in a nutshell, I'd be starting off as a waiter and moving up to bartender when there's an opening which shouldn't take too long. In the meantime, working as a waiter means money and it means I learn how Kimia functions. Kimia Lounge is a very upscale nightclub on Capitol Square. They feature excellent food (several different tasty fish dishes on the menu), gorgeous decor (long waterfall in the club), and classy, anachronistic drinks (when I came in for my first interview a woman at the bar was drinking a sidecar. I didn't know anyone other than my parents still knew what those were, let alone drank them). I think I'd like it there.

I told Kami I had a few other places to hear back from (technically true, though the only place that might rival them is P.F. Chang's. More to the point there's a few others I plan on applying to that would rival them) and so I'd have an answer for him by next Friday. He was willing to accept this. While I may work somewhere else, it's very nice to know that I will have a job somewhere.

After the interview I hung out on State Street until it was time for aikido. Then I headed over to the dojo for the basic weapons class that turned out to be more advanced katana work than anything I'd ever done. There was some improvement, at least and I like that the weapons sensei pushes me to improve myself. He also has a very good understanding of why we practice with weapons in aikido, even if he doesn't explain it that well. I was sad Cathy Sensei wasn't there - her sword work on Wednesday night was absolutely beautiful. I frickin' love this dojo.

Post-class I came back to the house to wait for guardian852 to show up. The snow made him late but he eventually got here and we headed over to abmann's house. This was my first pure social night since getting to Madison and it was a lot of fun. We ate pizza, drank pina coladas, and MST3Ked Kung Fu with David Carridene. It was a blast. Unfortunately I'm so exhausted from the week I kept falling asleep and so we called the evening short sooner than I'd have preferred. Still it was good to see them and I look forward to doing so.

On a similar note, Madsion people: I will be starting a roleplaying game as soon as I know my work schedule. Are you intersted in playing? Do you know others who would be intersted in playing? And which of the following games would you like to play:

-Legend of the Five Rings
-Mage: The Ascension
-d20 Modern: Wild West

That's all for now. Absolutely exhausted. Going to sleep as soon as I can. Will see many of you tomorrow.