January 19th, 2006


Martial Arts

So tonight was lots of martial arts. First there was aikido. Cathy sensei taught again. I really enjoy her teaching style which is very similar to Jessa's. Tonight's lesson focused on a shihonage, one of my favorite techniques and also one of the most difficult for me. While I didn't have a big breakthrough tonight I did come up with several things I was doing wrong and made significant improvement. I also discovered that one of the other students, a guy named Craig, does ballroom and goes to UWMBDA a lot so I'll have a friend when it starts up on the 27th. Good times.

After class I headed over to Madison Turner for amateur kickboxing and submission wrestling. No I wasn't fighting and don't think I will (the rules are very restrictive and don't allow mixed grappling and striking) but it was extremely fun to watch. I'll probably be going back next week. One of the guys I met there apparently does training at Aikido of Madison and recognized me from the class I observed on Monday.

The overall impression from the evening has been a confirmation of my hypothesis about meeting people outside of school, which is to say it's the same as in school: the best way to meet people is to get involved. Find something you enjoy and go do it with other people.

I like the way my life is going.

Edit: Screw you, Steven Colbert!