January 18th, 2006


Building Blocks

I had one of my bi-annual bouts of insomnia last night that ended up keeping me awake until about three o'clock in the goddamn. The result was I did not get up at five-fifteen to go to the morning aikido class. I'll go to the evening class tonight and try again on Monday. Despite the difficulty I like the idea of starting the day with aikido practice, with stretching and exercise and sharing ki.

Today I continued the job search. Some of the places weren't hiring, some were closed, and some weren't hiring until Spring (though they were very optimistic about hiring me then). I did get a good result from one place, though. And then there was my interview at Boston's. Boston's is a bar and grille that bills itself as a pizzaria. Their food actually looks pretty good and they push a lot of speciality drinks that seem like they'd be fun to make. The interview went very well and they seem anxious to hire me, train me quickly as a waiter so I can learn the ropes and then get me behind the bar. When the interviewer began talking to me about my experience bartending in catering he seemed to be implying that he wants me to tell them how to set up the catering service they plan on starting. Flattering even if I'm nowhere close to qualified to do so.

So far it looks like I'll get job offers from Claddagh, P.F. Chang's, and Boston's. Claddagh, nice as it would be, is the last of the three (though still better than most of the places I've applied to), but I'm not sure whetehr I'd prefer Boston's or Chang's. Chang's seems like I'd like it more but because they're new I don't know if I'd be able to earn my nut for awhile. Bah. I'm counting my chickens before they're hatched. Calm down Alex, keep working on your applications. Tomorrow I hit State Street.

In other news I got my library card today. The Middleton library kicks absolute ass.

And depending on when I get out of aikido tonight I may go see amateur kickboxing.