January 17th, 2006


Back in touch

I finally have Internet access again. It took $40 for a new router and over two hours of tech support (most of which was spent on hold) but I am back online and will be in communication soon. Big update coming but I have to run out and go to my first aikido class here. Much excitement.

Life on the Outside

So here I am in the real world. It's honestly going a lot better than I thought it might. Between my home life, my job, and my social life, well the operative word is potential. Lots of it.

I'm currently living in Middleton, which is a suburb of west Madison about ten or fifteen minutes from downtown. The address (and my phone number) will follow this in a friends-locked post. My roommate/landlord is a forty year old woman named Sarah. We get along quite well, stay out of each other's way most of the time but chatting amicably when we run into each other. She pleased me a great deal earlier today when she called me a gentleman and said that she hopes her son grows up like me. *blush*

There are two downsides to living here, namely the heat is usually turned way down (I loathe the cold), and I had to purchase a router and spend a collective two hours with tech support to get my Internet up and running. But it's up now! Huzzah! Even the food situation is workign out well: the first night here I made fetucini alfredo and ceaser salad, tonight I made beef burritos, and tomorrow I'm making Indian chicken and rice. I like eating well.

Oh yes, and the cats. Josie is a sweetie who already loves you. QT (as a pun off "Cutie" but pronounced like the letters) is a fraidy cat but she's warming up to me. I like kitties.

And then there's jobs. Before I left Philadelphia I made a huge list of places to apply to. So far I'm about halfway through page one of twenty-one, plus numerous walk-ins (oddly enough the walk-ins have been my most promising). My first day out I got on the spot interviews at an Irish pub and a soon-to-open Asian fusion bistro. Both interviews concluded with requests for a second-interview. I had the second interview at the pub today and if I don't here from the bistro by next Monday I'll call them. I also got called to schedule an interview tomorrow at a sports bar. So all in all, looks like a job should fall into place soon. Not to be arrogant but I thought this might happen (and hoped it would) so I've put on my applications that I can't start work until the 30th. That should give me time to hear from a bunch of places and decide where I want to work. Of all the places I've applied I think I'd like the Asian bistro the best if they're successful. The Irish pub wouldn't be bad but it involves a lot of food service too. Tomorrow no matter what I need to apply to L'Etoile and Inferno, my two top choices.

Last night I visited Aikido of Madison, the dojo where I intend to study for the next few years. I'd been in contact with Don Stone Sensei, one of the two senseis who head the dojo (the other is his wife, Robin Cooper Sensei) who invited me to come observe a class. When I told him about my previous aikido experiences he assured me that the style he teaches is very similar to Seidokan (the style I began with and my favorite of all those I've encountered). Now I should point out that Seidokan is a relatively obscure style of aikido and having him even know about it was something of a blessed event, let alone to say they're similar, but it seems that he actually studied with Rod Kobayashi, the founder of Seidokan. And after watching a lesson I can say yes, they are rather similar.

So last night I went, watched Cooper Sensei teach a class and talked to her about starting lessons. Today I went and had my first class. It went very well. I like the students, the instruction goes at a good pace, and Cathy Sensei (the presiding sensei this afternoon) was very helpful and instructive. I think I'll be quite happy there. Hopefully I'll be happy when I'm there at six o'clock in the Goddamn for morning class.

They als have the Katori Shinto Ryu samurai weapons classes but those are much harder to make so I won't know if I can take those classes until I find out when I'm working. Likewise for dance. Likewise even for larp, though schedule permitting I'll be there for sure.

On the other hand: people! Last night after watching the aikido class I went down to Netherworld and hung out with vicalis for a bit. This Friday I'm going clubbing with abmann and lady_fox. Hopefully I'll see guardian852 somewhere in the mix. Then there's other Madisonites I need to contact like jeeberscreep and hamstrarian and I'm on my way to being downright social. Hot diggity!

And tomorrow, after aikido, I resume screenwriting. That would be the return of nervousness.

I've signed up for Netflicks and finished my first three movies: The Notebook (Southern romance: sweet but not particularly inspired. Excellent performance by James Garner), Swing Time (highly disappointing dance movie with Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers. Said to be their best. The dance was good but the rest of the movie was inane), and Beautiful Boxer (freaking amazing real life biography of a transvestite muay thai boxer from Thailand. Highly recommended. Great acting, writing, and martial arts that would do Tonny Jaa proud).

I need to do some banking in Beloit. Because my weekdays are taken up applying for jobs this will probably be Saturday morning (the bank is closed but the drive in window is open til noon) so I may stop by and have a classic crappy Commons lunch.

Edit: Apparently there's a ballroom dance Saturday evening so rather than come down to bank, drive back to Madison, wait a few hours and drive down again it looks like I'll be around most of the day. While this isn't quite in line with my "don't be a creepy senior who doesn't leave school" plan I consider this justification. And it'll be good to see people again.