January 14th, 2006


Nearly There

Eight and a half hours until I leave Philadelphia for good. About an hour until I get to go to sleep so I can drive out of Philadelphia.

Edit: It took more than an hour, but clothes are done. Aside from last minute gatherings, I'm all set. It should take me about twenty minutes to clear out of here tomorrow.

Most of today was spent preparing to leave. This meant running around, packing, and making a huge list of places to apply for jobs. It also also meant watching nearly the entire series of Popular while making said list. If you don't know about it, Popular was a prematurely canceled, two-season series from the WB that overl dramatized highschool to the point of absolute hilarity. I don't recommend buying it but if you have Netflicks it's worth checking out. The first disc isn't so great and can quite honestly be skipped though watching it would necessarily be a bad thing.

Oh God, am I ready for ths?