January 13th, 2006


Next to Last Day

Had a full post done than I accidentally closed the browser. I seem to be lacking hte movtivatoin to type everything out again so instead I'm copying my response to tonight's question of, "How are you?"

A conglomoration of things. Nervous about leaving on Saturday. Not particularly looking forward to packing tomorrow (I loathe packing) which inspires a certain amount of irritation. Oh yes, and shame for dropping a friend of mine dancing tonight when she forced me to lift her. Relief that I was able to deflect a potentially awkward situation when I dropped her off. And happy to hear from a friend who had to drop our plans thus preventing us from getting a chance to see each other over break


Things to do in the next few days:

Pack up everything for Beloit.
Sort everything in my room to be given away or put in storage.
Visit my grandfather.
Bury my cat.
Get my cell phone fixed.
Revise my resume.
Make list of places to apply.
Return DVDs to Hollywood video.

Edit: Got done everything. Technically not everything's packed for Beloit but I'm not packing clothes up until the laundry's finished. And I currently have a twenty-one page list of bars, restaurants, country clubs, night clubs, and hotels to apply to for bartending.


Collect my belongings from Beloit.
Begin unpacking in Madison.

Apply for jobs.
Go shopping.
Make smoothie mix.
Visit Aikido of Madison and discuss studying there.
Write outline for new version of La Maupin.
In bed by midnight.

Tuesday (and foreseeable future):
Apply for jobs.
Two hours of writing.
In bed by midnight.