January 9th, 2006



I went to see Memoirs of a Geisha tonight with lacrimawanders. It was a good film, though it maintained a constant from the book in that the biggest problem with the story is the plot. The film sufferred from lack of subtitles, and you could see in parts that the director was in physical pain from not being able to use them. Ah well. The camera work, color, and lighting were superb. Definitely worth eight bucks.

On the way back to her house, Lacrima and I talked about future plans. After dropping her off, Max showed up and we had a conversation about where my life is going. Lately I've been considering doing a term as an uchi deschi at an aikido dojo, preferably the head Seidokan dojo in LA. Max was supportive of the idea but critical of my reasons for doing so. He told me it was simply a sign of my drive to be a hero. While there are other reasons, many of which are more significant, that I want to do the program I can't deny that he's somewhat right. I got into aikido as a result of my inability to protect someone. Do I have enough of a reason to devote a solid year of my life to this?

I think so.