January 7th, 2006


Food and punks

Today was a very good day. After finishing up my bartending refersher course I watched The Crush which was much better than I thought it would be (see previous post) and a little bit of Mad Hot Ballroom which was not nearly as good as I hoped and I ended up turning it off. Then I trained it downtown for dinner with my parents at Caribou.

Caribou is a Parisian-style bistro in Philadelphia. It's very warm and very loud, has excellent food and prices to match but it was my parents' treat so I sat back and enjoyed. While my father and I waited for my mother to arrive I enjoyed my first kir (house white + creme de casis, a liquer made from currants that tastes vaguely raisin-ish) and had an amazing conversation with my father about literature, film, the role of literature, the essence of personal desire and ambition, and finally where my life is heading. I told him about my intention to study as an uchi deschi in Los Angeles and he was very supportive. Then my mother arrived and she was equally supportive. I love my family.

Honestly they've been nothing but incredibly encouraging to me for as long as I can remember. I am truly blessed.

For the meal I had a very tasty potatoe and bacon soup followed by an absolutely incredible steak with a truffle sauce and then chocolate mousse for desert. In addition to the kir there were three glasses of wine and a confuzzled face contortion (requested as "A brandy Alexander with Frangelico instead of brandy") which left me far more than tipsy by meal's end. This was the first time I've ever been drunk with my parents and I think they were entertained. At the very least they were impressed that I A) selected a good wine with dinner and B) had a brandy Alexander (even if it wasn't). Tomorrow's their anniversary and they asked me to make CFC's for them. Hot diggity dog!

After dinner we went to a church basement nearby to hear my sister's boyfriend play. He's the lead in a very punk band called the Boils (earthdotprime may know them but I tend to doubt), not a type of music I normally like but it was a fun show. He had a fuck-ton of energy and was the only band to get the crowd moving around. Apparently punk dancing consists of strutting around in a large counter-clockwise circle in time to music while people push you along your track, though people occassionally did the bop (jitterbug with less focus on feet and more on arms) in the middle of said circle. For the most part I stuck to jumping up and down in front of stage with most everyone else, though I took a few turns around the circle and even one bop with a random girl. Not my dancing element but it was surprisingly fun.

Post show and starting to sober up I headed to Danfish's house. Danfish, d33pthought, Melissa, Doug, and Shana were there and watching movies. No Shadowrun, alas. There was cuddling on the couch with Melissa which made me happy. I miss platonic cuddling. It's actually something that has me very worried about leaving Beloit. Touch is important to me.

I really don't know where to go with that paragraph but it's too personally relevant an ending to cut.

Tomorrow there will be dance lessons and dinner with my parents. Perhaps I can persuade people to move Memoirs of a Geisha to later in the evening so I can attend.