January 1st, 2006


New Year's

Not to brag, but in all likelihood my New Year's Eve was probably a lot better than yours.

Sorry, it's just the way these things work out sometimes.

creogaudium trained down from New York Saturday afternoon. I picked her up in the afternoon and we played video games for about an hour or so until d33pthought arrived. Then it was preperations mode. By the time dinner was ready (tasty, tasty casoulet = French white bean stew with roasted pork, duck confit, and panchetta bacon) we were looking sharp. But that's not the point of the evening. The beforehand stuff I mean; looking sharp was very much a significant point of the evening.

The three of us piled into the car and two hours later (I know, long drive but worth it, we were in York, Pennsylvania at the fabulous Valencia Ballroom. The Valencia's an old relic from the 1900's. It features an enourmous (and extremely smooth!) dance floor and a stage for performances. On stage was the Boilermaker Jazz Band, a six-piece plus vocalist cover band for the big band era. Oh God they had so much energy!

And the dancing, the dancing! While I don't know lindy hop (a problem to be remedied in the near future, I've decided), I had a great time jiving and jitterbugging the night away. I had a number of dances with Creo who is getting to be quite the adept dancer, and danced with many of the people there who I didn't know including a very fun turn with chuzhuzhe who I was surprised but delighted to find there. There were several other people in attendance who I'd met before, either through Philadelphia Swing Dance Society or people D33p introduced me to.

Then, after dancing until 1:00 AM (!!!) there was...

More dancing! A local dance school opened their doors to become an improvised swing club. They would have gone til the wee hours of the Goddamn (apprently last year they went until 5:00 AM) but I needed sleep so I could drive the next day - unlike some people, I might add - and so we had to pack it at 2:00. Ah well, it was extremely fun.

All in all the best New Year's Eve I think I've ever had. God willing I'll be coming back next year even if it is several hundred miles from Madison.

Who wants in?

City Paper

Went to Brave New Worlds this afternoon for their annual New Year's "Let's make room for new inventory!" sale. Picked up Secrets of the Crane and three Code of Bushido booster packs so I had a pretty good haul. Then I came home and watched Taboo, a Japanese movie about homosexuality among samurai. It's a decent, if not great movie, and has some absolutely beautiful sword fights, but the whole thing still plays off like Crane/Lion slash.

So a lot of l5r today. But that's not the point.

This evening I went out for drinks with Liam, the son of a family friend. We're starting to actually talk to each other like real people now, not people associating simply because our parents are friends. It was a good conversation, mostly about theater and film, and went late enough we decided to get food too as well. So there was much tasty. But that's still not the point.

The point (at last!) is that on the way to and from downtown I picked up a copy of City Paper, one of Philadelphia's free weekly papers. Here's a delightful little section from the classes/workshops listings, complete with original typos:

Collapse )

But the best two are also the last two (alphabetically, even!) and so good I couldn't hide them behind a cut.

I love you, red-haired girl, we've lived together for three years near Rittenhouse, but I haven't been faithful. I'm worried there have been some unrecoverable consequences. Don't hate me, I love you still.
But the best is saved for last. jinxmurphy, you'll get a kick out of this one.

T Nice
When you said "live your life" you meant "have sex with me," then you might be right. And if by "I have a restraining order," you meant "please continue to stand naked outside my front door every night," then I think our chances of being together are looking up.
Happy New Year everybody.