December 30th, 2005


Big Update

Okay, probably time I catch up with all of this.

So I last updated this Monday (technically Tuesday) at one o'clock in the Goddamn. Let's go chronologically. In fact we'll even start a little earlier.

Monday night we had relatives over for Channukah. I never enjoy these family get-togethers but it was tolerable at least. Phat loot was relatively minor consisting of a journal, a tool kit, a copy of Treasure Island, s pin board game (you know the block with all the pins in it that makes impressions), and a hundred dollar check (okay the check's pretty exciting) but given that my parents are paying for my first three months rent, replacing my old computer, and brought me to New York with them I'm very satisfied with a presents-light Channukah.

Tuesday morning I got up early and went to New York with my parents. My mom got us all tickets to Sweeny Todd as a present for my father, though my sister opted not to go. So the three of us pile into the car and drive up. We ended up having lunch at an amazing Indian place. Afterwards we visited a number of shops though we didn't end up buying anything. My mom was very excited to take me to a hat store to try and get me to replace my fedora with a better one. We ended up finding a very nice wide-brim that, well this is how it went.

Mom: That looks great on you.
Me: Yeah, I really like it.
Mom: You should get it.
Me: It's $300, Mom.

So no new hat. On the plus side the salesman was really nice and cleaned up my old fedora for free. It actually looks new now and not dirty or ratty.

After the hat shop we walked down madison avenue and visited the Dahesh art museum. The Dahesh is a collection from Dr. Dahesh, a Lebanese author and philosopher who was very interested in the French academic tradition. The academics believed that in order to elevate painting from a mere craft, and thus a low-class occupation, one ought focus one's subject matter to biblical and classical stories and learn about those stories simultaneously. Techniques were to be invisible; the viewer should never be aware of brush strokes or any such evidence that the painting was painted or the sculpture sculpted as those emphasized skill and skill meant craft and craft meant craftsman which meant low class. They were having an exhbit of paintings and sculptures inspired by the Trojan War. They were amazing to see though the section they had on Odysseus angered me with their praise and admiration. thecoweyed knows why.

We then made our way down towards Broadway, stopping briefly for coffee (hot chocolate in my case), and then to our theater. The show was incredible. The actors were good - Patti LuPone as Mrs. Lovett was good beyond belief - but what really shown through was the lighting and set design. The light was practically another character in the show. The set was simple enough but they'd done a false stage on top of the regular stage built like a boardwalk so they could shine lights through from the other side and just wow! The first time Todd killed someone I was actually frightened he was going to come after me. If any of you New York people can get tickets I highly recommend doing so. Go for the cheap seats but you really must see it.

Following the show we had dinner at a French bistro. Tasty but not exceptional. We then retired to our hotel where, unable to sleep, I stayed up until three watching In Good Company. It gets points for not being as lousy as the previews made it look like. It loses points for being nearly completely predictable. It gets points for not having the focus be the young executive's relationship with the older executives daughter. It loses points for having dull and lifeless characters. I'd recommend watching it at one o'clock in the goddamn if you have nothing else to do and it's free. Otherwise skip it.

The next morning we went to the Metropolitan Art Museum which I always love. I split off from my parents to wander on my own. There was an exhibit on occult photographs from the 1800's that people believed were photographs of ghosts, auras, ectoplasm, or what have you. The exhibit never actually called them fakes but they rather clearly were. I'm fairly certain the exhibit was sponsored by the Technocracy. After the museum we had lunch at Les Halles, Anthony Bourdin's old restaurant, and then headed home.

I spent the car ride putting together l5r plot for my group here who shortly thereafter arrived. Finally got to meet Icca, titlecharacter's new girlfriend, and spend a bit more time with d33pthought, Danfish, and Melissa. The game was okay but not my best. It was an intrigue plot but I guess a bit clue-light. Okay, more straightforward game next time.

Yesterday I went and got a haircut, picked up my tux from the dry cleaners, had dinner at Appleby's, and in the evening took tiredofwired dancing. She had a little slow start but picked things up very quickly. We had an excellent merengue and one of the best swings of my life. That was probably the last chance I'll have to see her before I move to Madison. I wonder when I'll see her next.

Today I went for lunch with my grandfather. Afterwards I tried playing a bit of Def Jam. The x-box really needs to be cleaned.