December 17th, 2005



So that's it.

I just finished my last exam. Ever.

I am, for all intents and purposes, a college graduate. Now what?

In the immediate future I am going to meet with Tamir about La Maupin in about fifteen minutes. Tonight I will run an l5r pick up and probably drink some wine with my friends aftewards. The Sautrene I've had in storage all year is currently chilling in the fridge.

In three days I will head back to Philadelphia. Over break I will commence my writing schedule. I will take a refersher course on bartending. And in twenty-nine days I will be coming back to Wisconsin to begin my life which Beloit has not otherwise been known as.

But I am happy to say that I have invented myself.

Film Update

I'm turning off commenting on this because I don't want congratulations. Nonetheless:

I just had a meeting with Tamir. La Maupin is being very well-received based on a new pitch. While this does mean I need to do a page one rewrite, he's talked to a Hungarian director who's basically said "if you rewrite this to match the pitch I will film it."

This is amazing. It is also professionally meaningless, Hollywood being built on empty promises and broken dreams. Nonetheless it is extraordinarily encouraging. At the very least it's encouraging enough to motivate me to do the rewrite.

I'm allowing myself to feel a cautios optimism.