December 11th, 2005


Amazing Night

This update's a little late.

Friday was amazing. It was beyond amazing, it was... "perfect" isn't the right word because things did go wrong, but that's not the point. So many things went right. This was nearly exactly how I hoped Friday would go, this was how I wanted to remember my last days at Beloit.

Friday night was Winter Snowlfake, the Ballroom Dance Club's formal. There was a lot of effort that went into this, both the club's and my own. Mordan and Adan put an absolutely incredible amount of work into getting Pearson's ready for the dance and the place was beautiful by the time they (and all their recruits) were finished. Tables draped in white linen with crystal bowls holding candles. Blue cloth on the walls decked with amazingly artistic paper snowflakes. Strings of Christmas lights stretching across the dance floor. It will remain a beautiful sight in my mind's eye for years to come.

On my own hand, I worked hard on my appearance. I didn't have the funds to rent the perfect tux, as I'd hoped, so instead I splurged slightly less and got new accessories, including a new set of simple studs, a matching burgundy cummerbund/bow tie set, and pocket square. Combined with my great-grandfather's (the original Alexander Jacobs) initialed cufflinks I think I looked pretty damn good. Wasn't able to get a straight razor shave as I'd hoped, but I managed with my trusty Mach 3. And then there was Rhiannon's help. Waltz has always been my worst dance so I'd been getting private lessons from Rhiannon for the past month and a half (she is a saint).

And I cannot, absolutely cannot, forget the dance. Although she had to run off to do a paper, miaret was extremely gracious and stayed around for the experienced waltz lesson so I had someone to learn with. Then she left and the beginner's lesson started. shadow1869) showed up, happily lacking a partner, so we got in an hour of just the two of us dancing before the actual dance started. Then the actual dance started.

I'm extremely pleased to say that Rhiannon's lessons worked. While my waltzing has a long way to go, for the first time I felt elegant on the floor. And of course swing, tango, cha-cha, and rhumba were great. I got to do a lot of dances with Shadow, as well as cptjillsparrow, Willie (who may be my first competition partner come February), and several random girls.

The highlight of the dance, though, had to be when Darrah put on "Tango Maureen" from Rent. Shadow and I danced this together, of course. Despite its stronger Argentine rhythm it worked extremely well for American style tango. We were even able to get some of the more... interesting moves to synch up to lyrics, and even danced backwards a little bit at the appropriate place. It wasn't the best dance I've ever had, but it was one of the most fun.

It wasn't the most perfect dance of my life, but I can't recall many others where I've been happier.

At 11:00 I had to leave dancing to go back to BSFFA for The Party That Doesn't Happen. I did a bit of dancing, chatted a bit, gave a toast, then headed up to second floor to get my room ready. My theme suggestion of "sketch" went through, so I was serving blow jobs and muff divers. I think my room was one of the more popular ones, but in any event people seemed to have a lot of fun with it. Then it was up to third floor to continue the party (I didn't drink much - I wanted to go back to dancing), and dancing. Stayed a bit longer than I intended to, but not too bad.

Then it was back to the Formal. Sadly there wasn't much time left there but I got in a few more dances, mostly with Shadow but also with Ivy and Morgan. Then before I knew it, it was my last dance as a Beloit student: "Jumpin' Jack," by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, danced with shadow1869. And that was that.

After helping break down Shadow, Morgan, and I headed back to BSFFA. The party was still going on and due to the guest list I wasn't going to be able to get them upstairs. Instead we hung out in my room, drank a little, but mostly just talked and had good conversation for an hour. They're both fucking amazing people and it made me extremely happy to get some interaction with each of them outside of dance - not that I don't like dancing with them but it would make me sad if that wsa the only way I got to see Morgan or Shadow. Note to self: maintain friendships after graduation.

Eventually they left and so I went upstairs to the remnants of the party. Alternated between hanging out in runthebear's room with various freshmen, Genghis's room with whoever was there at the time, and feodoric and phoenix_snake's room with whoever was there. After about an hour of pleasant back-and-forth socializing I headed down to the lounge. vicalis, lady_fox, abmann, runthebear, feodoric, and phoenix_snake were there and it was about two solid hours of good conversation.

God that was a good night.

At about 5:00 AM someone said something about rhetoric that raised my ire but I didn't want to get into it. Eventually I promised to do an LJ post about it, so look for a long post about rhetoric in the future.

As much as I loved the dancing and the party - and I truly loved those things - it was the conversation that made this night so wonderful to me. There's a number of people I'm just starting to connect with, whether they're freshman who I'm just getting to really know now, or aquaintenances from the past few years who I've only recently connected with. It makes me sad that this has to happen right when I'm leaving, if only beacuse I know it didn't have to only happen when I leave, but at the same time I recongize that part of what gave me the push that started me making these connections is the fact that I am leaving.

I don't really know where to go with these thoughts after that observation. A promise to stay in touch? I've already done so but I know that I need to concentrate my efforts on building ties in Madison, not just maintaining my old ties. That is not to say such ties will not be maintained but that I don't know what things will be like. I know people who every time they're life changes (moving, highschool to college, college to real world, etc.) drop everything from their old life so they can build the new one. I know people who fight leaving anything behind kicking and screaming and as a result never buld anything new. I don't want that. I don't want to stay in Beloit any more, don't even want to be here now, and as flattering as it is when my friends say they want me to stay the possibility is not appealing. I want my life in Madison.

But is it so wrong that I want to bring you all with me?

I love you all. Very much.

On Rhetoric

Friday night/Saturday morning lady_fox and I got into a discussion about rhetoric that I had to cut short due to the late hour. I did, however, promise to post about my views of rhetoric and why I get upset when people talk about it. Collapse )