December 9th, 2005



Meme i stole from feralkiwi.

Copy and paste this into a comment and answer the questions about the user. Repost it in your journal and see what they say about you.

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Actual Update

I haven't actually talked about my life in awhile. Now seems good, if only because of the surprisingly strong bay breeze I have.

The reality of leaving is really hitting hard this week. To make matters worse, this seems to be the week that I'm realizing how much I really like my friends here. Not just sustained friendships either, like jinxmurphy or theljparadox, but new or newly connected friends like resplendant_sun, creogaudium, and Jasmine. God, outside world. You're not scary, but please don't be lonely.

Monday - Went to the tuxedo store with lex_of_green. I can't afford to rent a hot tuxedo for the formal as I'd hoped, so I've gone with plan B and gotten new accessories to spruce up my old tux. Did my reading for Oral Interpretation (seemed to go well). Broke up with runthebear and spent the rest of the night filled with sadness.

Tuesday - Matrix dress up day. I looked sharp (no pictures but I wear the outfit fairly often for dance so you'll probably see it at some point) and got my opperative name. I will now respond to people calling me Tango. That afternoon I took my first load of property up to Madison. I already wrote about that but it still wierds me out. Was supposed to play Debate This! that night but no one showed. Sadness. Then Jasmine showed up and hung out with BSFFA and went dinering with us. That was solid.

Wednesday - Happy Pearl Harbor Day! Seriously, I look forward to saying that all year. Was supposed to go to Whitewater for aikido with Buddha and CJ but Buddha had to cancel and CJ never showed so there was no trip. Sadness. Instead there was Tora! Tora! Tora! in the main lounge and we drank kamikazes. I met up with Jasmine and we danced in the C-Haus where I hadn't gone to for the evening since sophomore year, and then hung out at Walmart. Not a bad night.

Thursday - Bartended at Pearson's for the science department, then went and saw Rent again as part of creogaudium's organized trip. There was much joking and joviality in the theater. I'm truly looking forward to our Commons performance.

The main business this week has been looking forward to the Winter Formal, plus other Friday activities I can't mention here. I think I finally figured out why I'm so excited about Winter Formal. I've said before that it's my last dance as a Beloit stance but that's not just it. It's my prom. This is my big fancy night to dance at school, have a good time, leave with a bang, and look good doing it. That's why I wanted to rent a tux.

Highschool prom was actually an excellent experience, and barring one exception (having a girl you've crushed on for five years, who's been a lousy friend the past few months, grab you and force you to dance with her in front of your girlfriend is not a fun time) could not have gone better. I'm much happier thinking back to prom than most other senior goodbye memories. That's what I want the formal to be.

Please come dance with me.