November 26th, 2005



The philosophy paper still isn't done. After this post I'm logging off AIM, shutting off music, and writing the damn thing no matter what.

Thanksgiving with my family was dull but fine. There were no mashed potatos which caused a quiet little rage within me, but somehow I'll survive. I tried writing the paper last night. No dice.

I visited my old comic shop today looking at The Four Winds, the first Lotus Edition l5r book. The plot stuff is good but the mechanics that update old schools to third edition is great, as are the new spells, kata, magic items, kiho, and schools for high Insight Rank characters. I'll be getting a copy soon, though I doubt it's truly needed for larp. Oh, Fro, you really wanted the Mirumoto Swordmaster school, not the Mirumoto Bushi school.

Tonight I went to a celie (Irish music and dancing) with d33pthought and Katie. Sadly titlecharacter wasn't feeling well and had to cancel last minute and rockbitergrr couldn't make it at all. But it was good to really get to talk with d33p again, but seeing Katie was a treat. I hadn't realized how much I'd missed her. Actually that's a lie, I know exactly how much I'd missed her.

The band at the celie was phenomenal. The dancing was not what I expected, closer to courtly dance than folk, but it was fun, at least what we were able to pick up. During hte intermission they put on a jive CD and I really got to strut my stuff. They also did a few waltzes which I'm definitely getting better at. Yay practice!

Alright. Paper.

Edit: Or not.

Max and Me

Max Jaeger, international film star and inspiring hero of the Li Hai and indeed the entire Akashic Brotherhood, is in my room. He's standing by my bookshelf, drinking a diet coke and looking at the books.

Max: You should be writing your paper.

Me: I'm trying.

Max: No you're not, you're playing on livejournal and checking Hot or Not every ten minutes to see if you're rating's changed.

Me: So?

Max: You're a ten. In fact you are beyond a ten, you... you are the archetype of male beauty, the pinacle of human physical perfection. You, my friend, are an eleven. Satisfied? Now go write your paper.

Me: I don't have anything to write about.

Max: How about love? Or death? Birth? Beauty? These are topics that have inspired artists for millenia, I doubt they're exhausted now.

Me: It's a philosophy paper, Max, not a screenplay.

Max: They're all the same. What's the paper topic?

Me: "Consider how Aristotle’s analysis of being is analogous to his analysis of good (and substance to happiness)."

Max: How is his analysis of being analogous to his analysis of good and substance to happiness?

Me: They both follow the same pattern. Being is a potentiate of the Good just as substance is a potentiate to happiness.

Max: It is?

Me: Yes. Happiness is an actualization and it actualizes human beings, who of course, are made of substance. Good is an actualization, in particular the actualization of existence, and existence is a potentiate between happiness and the first potentiate, being. It's the same thing: potentiate one, potentiate two, actualization.

Max: So write that.

Me: That's not twelve-hundred words.

Max: Make it twelve-hundred words.

Me: Can't I do an outline on the plane?

Max: Do you want to fail this paper?

Me: Not particularly, but I don't really care about it.

Max: I hope you're sincere about that.