November 18th, 2005


7th Sea

So that was the 7th Sea larp. I can now say that not only have I larped Shakespear, I've GMed him too.

The game was a lot of fun. Much slower in parts than I'd have preferred but on the whole I think people had a good time. In retrospect I should have given people stronger character hooks; too much was just aimless milling about. Still, I'm happy about how it went.

A huge, huge, huge thanks to darkskywatcher without whom this could not have come out nearly half as well as I'd hoped. Sky made the mechanics work, helped teach the world, and really flushed out metaplot connections, to say nothing of how he helped the magic.

Other thanks go to my amazing NPCs, jinxmurphy, dragonflyknight, and mythic. You guys were amazing. Another big thanks to resplendant_sun for all he did helping people make characters.

And of course all the PCs. You guys were sharp. Everyone who doesn't there, just wait for the pics.

I was happy with how the plot went. People seemed genuinely interested and I think they got caught up in the climax. The sword duel went well though in retrospect I wish we'd had the courage to choreograph something longer. The singers went over well. Waltzing went over really well. Must get better at waltz.

I'm exhausted. I'll do another update later. Probably tomorrow. I'm making myself a drink.