November 16th, 2005


Day of Fun

I meant to get up at 11:00 today and see the dance stuff at the Wright museum. Instead I slep til 1:00 and took a shower. I tried to help vicalis make a 7th Sea character but we couldn't find the book. Turns out runthebear had it but we didn't discover that until later. Instead I want to DKs and sat with thegelf and cptjillsparrow while reading a screenplay book.

After dinner (yes I skipped everything between lunch and dinner. What'choo gonna do about it?) Rhiannon met me in the Java Joint and gave me a waltz lesson. We set up weekly times so hopefully by the time Winter Waltz gets here I'll be much better. No more toe-stepping and maybe even a bit of grace. Then there was videogaming, dinering, and hanging out with runthebear, not in that order.

So to answer a number of people that have asked, yes Bear and I are going out. We've talked things over and are taking things very slowly right now for a variety of reasons, some hers, some mine, not the least of which is December graduation. If you want more come talk to one of us.

Abrupt topic change ahead.

Last night, less than an hour after getting the martial arts budget approved, I sent an e-mail to Sam Kleinman about the club's status in Belcon. Today I got a summons to speak to club oversite committee. Goddamnit!

Oh, and to whatever fucker ate the sushi I put in the fridge: fuck you. Fuck you in the eye. Stop eating other people's food you fucking bastard.