November 14th, 2005




So over the summer it seems most of the mats in the dance room disappeared. Most of those remaining are the lousy ones. Not only that but martial arts club doesn't have a budget now because [Unknown LJ tag] didn't apply for one at the end of last year. I have to propose for us tomorrow but the new mats would cost us about fifteen hundred dollars to replace something that the school is supposed to provide for us. Given that this shouldn't be our expense and the martial arts club budget last year was four hundred dollars and we need more money to give to Ranzo Sensei in return for his coming down weekly and for practice weapons and other misc. expenses, I see a big whopping "no" in the future.

Martial arts club

So last year Jessa didn't apply for a budget for martial arts club this year. See previous post. At any rate tongiht I visited Budget Committee and got us a $400 budget. Now I just need to revive interest in the club and find someone to keep it going. Goddamnit.