November 13th, 2005


Glorious Weekend

So last night was the big band concert. Hunter Fuller's Orchestra, an amazing big band reproduction group, came to campus and performed arrangements by, well if they were doing dance music between 1935 and 1945 they played it. It was indescribably good. And they had lindy hop dancers who were delightful, plus a pleasure to talk to 'tween sets. I should have asked them to show me how.

The group I went with was composed of adsartha, runthebear, Ann, and Alexis. We also ran into shadow1869 and Morgan, as well as Gordon and Jessica. Sadly there was no dance floor... so we took to the aisles. I danced with everyone, except Gordon of course (not the hate part, he's a guy). Morgan was informative, and it was really good to dance with Shadow again; I can't remember the last time I got to do so. It may have been as far back as masquearade.

After big band there was dinering with, well basically the same posse, sans Gordon and Jessica. It was really good to hang out with people and spend time with Shadow outside of dance. I'm trying to get her and Morgan to play in Seventh Sea larp. I may yet succeed.

Ooh, on Friday afternoon my NPCs and I got together to explain the plot and organize everything. This shit is gonna be tight. I can't talk about the plot as many of my players read this, but it does make me happy and it's a type of roleplaying I've been wanting to do for about three years. More afterwards.

Gordon's attitude has shifted towards me in the past several days; I can only presume someone showed him or told him about the post. He has grown even colder towards me and seems to be trying to actively ignore me. I'm making an effort to reach out. Perhaps it will continue to be ignored/rejected but I will continue to try. I must.

Today Buddha and I got up at 6:30 in the Goddamn to drive to Whitewater for an aikido seminar. The seminar was amazing, except for the part where they used a different ranking system than Buddha and I come from and thought we had about two to three more years of experience than we do and were training to be senseis ourselves. This meant a lot of hard throws that we rolled out of, but not very well. We may be horribly, horribly bruised. But I got iaido training!

It also seems there's a naginata-do teacher who just moved to Madison and is forming classes. abmann, would you consider learning naginata with me instead of capoeira?

Then there was l5r larp. Let me clarify now: that was not a character I designed, he was not a character Andy or Caitlin designed, he's part of cannon. And part of that cannon is he's a lech. I think he's got lecherous 1 or 2. He flirts with everyone. And he hates it when people get 9k6 for their Iaijitsu rolls while he, a rank 2 Kakita duelist, is at 8k3+5.

But he was fun to play.

Then tonight, there was... tezcatlipoca4! And Kyle! And ggiantspongess! And Jay! There was fight night (sadly I couldn't participate because of my earlier injuries) and there was drinking and... more drinking. It was much fun.

That's all for now. Ta.