November 2nd, 2005


Busy busy busy

Today was running around. I woke up early before class to take my white Oxfords and suit over to the cleaners (the shirts desperately need to be pressed and the suit needs a dry cleaning like burning). Then it was a quick lunch and Mackey Workshop.

The class... tore apart my story. This is a good thing. I wany my readers to be as vicious as possible, to tell me everything that is wrong with a story in great detail. I want specifics and they provided them. Consequently I have a lot, and I mean a lot, of work to do on this story but I know what I need to do. I appreciate it. It's good to have a class full of bitches. It seems I won't be dropping the course after all.

Afterwards I spent an hour reviewing non-Euclidean, then went over to Womyn's Center to get my stuff back from Jordana (I'd left it there after I left the cast party while intoxicated). She was late, and that meant I was late to my math session, but I got to hang out with Claire a bit. At math I spent an hour doing one frickin' problem, but I think I got it right. Then Barton and I realized that we were just supposed to look at the problems, not do them to turn in. So we left.

After dinner it was race to Cub and grab juices, cups, ice, and garnishes for movie night. Then back to BSFFA, spend a bit talking with resplendant_sun and others about l5r larp while I set up for movie night. Then it was movie night. Specifically it was:

"I'm not gay. Really." Movie Night.

We watched Down with Love and Love Actually and I made the girliest and gayest drinks I know, including the:

-Fuzzy Navel
-Sea Breeze
-Bay Breeze
-Peach Bay Breeze
-Amaretto Sour
-Virgin Versions of Any and All of the Above

It was fun and tasty. People seemed to enjoy the drinks and they definitely enjoyed the movies. I love when my shit comes together. Then I spent an hour and a half talkign to people online until the net comped out on me (sorry, Becky!) and that was that. At least I got more Dairyland plot done.

In other news, behold my first LJ reader who I've not only never met, but have never directly communicated with. Hello elanurel! Welcome aboard.


We did this awhile ago but I'm curious to see what comes up now:

Reply to this post. In this reply, ask me any number of questions. any number, as awkward or embarassing as you like, absolutely anything at all. I promise to answer every question in complete honesty. Anything you want to know about me, and all you have to do is ask it today. Then, copy the text of this post and post in in your own LJ.

Anonymous questions will also be awnsered if you don't want to admit to asking them.