October 26th, 2005


Dance, Movies

So dance is amazing. I love it, swing especially. Jasmine and I definitely got in about an hour and a half of practice today. That was tight. Then this evening I kept my promise to lacrimawanders and began learning DDR. It's coming along much faster than the one or two previous times I've tried learning to play.

fynixsoul and I went to Family Video for free kids movies. Then it was back to the lounge and over a half dozen other people to watch American Tale and Anastasia. It was good to be a kid again.

I just finished adding another scene to La Maupin. Tamir's comments are dead on and he's definitely pushing me to flush out the screenplay. Regardless of how this project works out I'd like to keep working him.

*sigh* I really need to start my research for Illium, the screenplay I'm going to work on for nanowrimo (I know it's not a novel, fuck you too).

Edit: What the Hell?