October 24th, 2005



So jeeberscreep and I aren't togehter anymore. That was... fast. I can't describe it, I just had an epiphany while dancing (I really must register for dual-membership with the Cult of Ecstacy) that we shouldn't be together. She agrees so we're shifting into friends mode. Given the brief duration it should be manageable.

In other news, I need to restock my bar. If I've been supplying you please give me $10 so I can restock. If you absolutely cannot give $10, please give what you can and use a meal to grab me some mixers (cranberry juice, orange juice, grapefruit juice, in that order) from DKs. Thanks.

Dance and more

So to recap the weekend a bit better:

Saturday I went up and saw the zombie lurch with jeeberscreep. As I drove into Madison I was stopped at a light and grew very concerned when I saw a man and woman walking down the sidewalk and noticed that the woman appeared to be bleeding profusely from a cut in her forehead. My first thought was that there must have been a car crash and that I should offer assistance. Then I remembered what I was in Madison to see that afternoon, wished them good luck on the shamble.

Jeebers was less than awake when I got to her house so we were a bit late getting to the lurch. We missed the shamble down State St. but we got to see them gather en masse at the courtyard in front of the library. lerite attacked us which I found amusing, though I think Jeebers found it less so. We also ran into a Nick, Liz, and Colin from the Madison Rocky Horror cast, abmann, and Burdick. Jeebers mentioned that she was slightly offput that so many of my friends would come to something like this, which didn't help my indecision about us. Ah well, the lurch was a good time. It was great talking to Burdick and I find myself really looking forward to hanging out with him after the move.

After the lurch I dragged Jeebers up to the fourth floor of the Union and we sat in the ballroom, just talking. She was a bit bummed (not without reason) so we talked and I tried to cheer her up. Eventually she felt a bit better, we made out a bit and I started showing her rhumba and swing. Afterwards we headed back to her house so I could change into my dance wear, I gave her a lift to Walmart so she could cash her paycheck, and then I headed out to dance. I was sad to miss ladyfox's party.

After rhumba lesson I headed back to State, grabbed a quick dinner at Kabul, and then back to dance for the actual dance. Dancing was... amazing. UWMBDA plays a bunch of steps I don't know (bolero, balboa, polka) and a bunch of steps I only sort of know (west coast swing, merengue, salsa, mambo, Vieneese waltz, Argentine tango), in addition to the stuff I actually know (jive, jitterbug, tango, waltz, cha-cha, rhumba) but I was able to fake for the other stuff. The dancers there are really fun. I've started playing around with simple lifts the way I've been doing with spins, checking with my partner first, of course.

I picked up a lot of good moves there. A new dip, two carry-lifts (no movement, just getting her off the ground), and one move I've wanted to learn how to do for awhile: sliding the girl between your legs from behind. It was good times, yeah. Ecstatic state and all that. Where's the form for dual-tradition membership? Here's your seven points, where's my Cult of Ecstacy card?

Came back to Beloit late Saturday night. Utterly exhuasted. Sunday was quiet, had dinner with runthebear, quady, satanic_kat, i_am_perry, and Zeke. It was good to have people back.

Late in the evening talked with Jeebers, explained that I didn't think we should be with each other right now, she agreed, and we're still talking so things are looking good.

Today I talked to Tamir about the changes to La Maupin. He likes them and is encouraging about further changes to illustrate her character so we'll see how those go. Should just be one scene. I'll take care of it tomorrow. He says he'll actually be able to get me a copy of my coverage from Lightstorm which is exciting.

Good mood.