October 20th, 2005



I want to say this was a good weekend except it wasn't a weekend, it was Wednesday. But you know it's a good day when you wake up to find your car's been towed and it doesn't even phase you.

I could start chronologically but that'd be shorting someone. For starters, I have a girlfriend now. Everyone say hi to Jen (jeeberscreep). We're taking things slow for now, and as things progress we'll look at getting more serious and going exclusive, but for now things are just, well things are very good. And very happy.

Let me start over.

Wednesday afternoon I left Beloit after dance practice with Jasmine to start looking at apartments. I visited one place in Madison and one place in "Madison" (read: Albany. Thirty minutes south of Madison in a thorp of a town). The Albany place was atrocious; $500 a month for an unfurnished apartment that is currently torn out and is being fixed up by the owners. I passed in about ninety seconds. The Madison place, however...

$400 a month, utilities included. It's a beautiful house, two glassed-in porches, a swimming pool out back, woods, a lake within walking distance, very to get along with landlord, cable, central air, highspeed internet access, and (get this) fully-furnished... with cats.


I'm sending the deposit tomorrow.

Later that night there was west coast swing. lerite was there, along with Paul Brian (who I really need to stop being intimidated by and just talk to the guy already; he's not intimidating, what's my problem?) but I mostly danced with other people. I keep crossing over into jive but I think I'm getting a bit better, and I picked up a flyer for actual lessons for after January. She had to leave early, unfortunately, so I danced for a bit longer, got a very basic intro to nightclub two-step, and headed over to Jen's.

Seeing her was... happy. wrote recently how she doesn't like it when people call her comfortable, and I can understand that, but this is different. I don't feel that she is comfortable, but I feel comfortable with her. Nervous, too, but that's to be expected. We're still working out what exactly we are, but that's okay for now. After my last relationship, to say nothing of my recent rapid-fire crushes, I'm not ready for anything serious, so we're not being serious. We like each other, we know we like each other, and we're not letting that go. Until we're ready to be serious, though, we're just going to keep doing our thing, and seeing what develops. No pressure.

Then in the morning I woke to find my car was towed. It's a good sign when that doesn't even break your smile.

We walked to the supposed impound, found I'd misheard "Dayton" as "State" and that we'd gone a mile and a half in the wrong direction, and the car was actually three blocks from her apartment. We walked back, got the car to her apartment just before her bus for work go there, and said our goodbyes.

Since then it's been driving and food. Shortly there will hopefully be dancing.

I float.
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