October 17th, 2005


Been While

So it's been some time since I did an update, let alone a substantial one. Livejournal just doesn't feel as important these days. Oh, reading what's going on with my friends is important, but actually updating and talking about my own life... not as important. Over the summer it was a way to keep in contact that evolved into a way to organize my own thoughts. I don't find I need it for either of these things. I'm not saying I'm getting off (don't worry, Raina) but I don't think I'll be on as much in general.

We'll see. The last time I said that I followed up by about three updates a day.

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Last night was Shadowrun at adsartha's house. It may have gone til four in the morning. I may have played an evil version of Steve Wright, one of the greatest English teachers of all time. We may have just won. That's right, we won Shadowrun. Or at least this plot in specific. I've only played three planning games, counting this one, two Shadowrun and one d20 Modern military game. In every game I've had an excellent experience. I get a group of people who know what they're doing, know their roles, and are good at them. We sit down, plan out our strategy and continingencies, execute it flawlessly, and roll with the surprises without blinking.

The d20 modern game was at GenCon and I didn't just step into a leadership position that game, I was our squad's senior officer. The game was supposed to take four hours and we finished it in two and a half: two hours planning, half an hour implementation. All objectives met, no friendly casualties (notice I don't say no fatalities, I mean no casualties. Afterwards the GM told us that the only group he'd ever seen handle that module so effectively was a group of actual marines. This just seems to be a role I'm good at. I'd play more Shadowrun if the system didn't bother me so much; I really should learn fourth ed.

Finally saw Shall We Dance last night, the Japanese version. I enjoyed it though not as much as I thought I would. It reminded me a lot of when I started learning to dance in highschool, wanting to take part in this strange thing, feeling scared and ashamed about it, certain that I'd never learn it. I didn't actually learn in highschool - the teacher was terrible and was teaching for a competition we didn't have a shot in hell of winning - but it was a start. These days I think about lacrimawanders a great deal. She got me out and dancing this summer and that showed me that I truly love dancing. It doesn't seem fair that with all the dance going on this semester she's not here, and if course it isn't fair because the world doesn't opperate by justice. I'm looking forward to Christmastime just for the dancing.

Speaking of, I've found several more dance places in Madison. There's one on Friday called Friday Night Stomp. Is anyone interested in going? They also have lindy lessons Monday night which, hopefully I'll be able to go up to tonight. Same question (I'm looking at you, adsartha and lerite).

It's currently Monday. I told Tamir I'd have a revised version of La Maupin with a new third act for him by Wednesday. I'm not going to be here on Wednesday to finish it, meaning I have two days to do thirty pages of screenplay text.

I can do that.

Edit: This makes the English major happy.

Another Edit: Video link yoinked from titlecharacter. It's fucking amazing. Check it out, especially if you like dance. Even if you don't. Reed, what is this: lindy or jitterbug with lindy kicks? God, just... wow!

And rolling...

Did I tell you what happened with La Maupin last week? About my promising Tamir a new third act by Wednesday. Well I did. Today I began writing it.

The good news is it doesn't require as much addition as I thought it did (thirty pages), but substatially less (about ten). I got done about six today. It's very depressing writing - the first half of a third act requires the hero be at an absolute low. Given my character and her history this resulted in a rape scene. It felt very disturbing to be writing it. I'm glad it's in there but I'm glad it's done. I'm not looking forward to editing it, not because it's poorly written (I think it's one of the best-written parts of the script) but I don't want to revist that.

*sigh* That's a good sign that it'll affect the viewer, right?

adsartha and I watched Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story tonight. It was good but not as good as I'd hoped. It just lacked a lot of the focus that made the show work (and yes, the show has focus). The jokes were good but they were randomly arranged and had no significant context. Oh well.

We also watched One Last Dance which kept fluctuating between wonderful and terrible. I want to talk to the writer, kill the director, praise the actors, torture half the choreographers, and give oral sex to the other half.

Now, here, talking to people This was a good night.