October 11th, 2005



So apparently I danced through my shoes on Saturday. Goddamn. That's all I can really say about that. I tried finding a shoe store today. Two hours of driving around Beloit and Rockford, no luck. The three Payless Shoes I'd known about are all gone. Bryce recommended a place; I'll check there tomorrow.

I saw Corpse Bride again tonight with miaret. She hadn't seen it and was appropriately delighted. Sha also let me teach her some jitterbug during the closing credits (damnit, why won't people dance in the aisles during movies?). It was good getting some one-on-one time with her; I solidified a lot of friendships over the summer on AIM and I'm happy when they continue now. It means we weren't just talking due to a lack of alternatives.

Sometimes I think of AIM as the college version of Rokugan's winter courts. Summer court and winter retreat. We can no longer fight our battles so we become ambassadors and make alliances, socializing in new and different ways with the hope of affecting things upon our return. Togashi Akei, master storyteller of the Kakita Artisan Academy.

Character Theme Song Meme

From jinxmurphy who's making me do this. You should be able to figure out how this one works.

Randy Bosley (Adventure!): Anything by the Beegees
Togashi Otojiro (l5r larp): "Wandering Man" by Fairport Convention
Julie (7th Sea): "My Humps" by Black Eyed Peas
Hero (Delarpia): "Crush" by Mandy Moore
Max Jaeger (Mage): Theme from Mortal Kombat
Kuei Jin from Munchkinland Whose Name I Can't Remember (mixed World of Darkness): "Kill With Power" by Manowar
That Monk/Nomad from Dan's Game Whose Name I Can't Remember (D&D): "Eye of the Tiger"
Thaeles (D&D): "Carrighfergus" by Loreena McKennitt

Tyler (Victorian Mage): "The Stranger" by Billy Joel
Jeeves (Victorian Mage): "Be Our Guest" from Beauty and the Beast
Eva Mulroni (Victorian Mage): "Whatever Lola Wants" from Damn Yankees
Valaria (D&D): Something cold and orchestral
Jag (Shadowchasers): "Bat Out of Hell" by Meatloaf
Darius Manchester (Shadowchasers): Theme from Angel
Kensai Tokamura (Shadowchasers): "Power of Thy Sword" by Manowar
Sean Borgstrohm (Shadowchasers): "Got to Begin Again" by Billy Joel

Tagging: Any and all of my players in any game I've ever GMed for ever, plus any GMs who've ever GMed for me.

Is Anyone Really Surprised?

Collapse )from returnofglitter. Tagging titlecharacter, jinxmurphy, and anyone else who wants to do this.

In other news I just got new shoes. It turns out Adam - Sarah's boyfriend - works at Stanton shoes. I came in expecting to spend $50 on a pair of casual dress shoes for everyday wear and... I dont' want to say how much he got me to spend but pretty much my spending budget is gone for the rest of the semester. On the plus side I have a pair of very nice loafers for everyday and I finally have real dancing shoes.