October 10th, 2005



Somewhere in Enter the Matrix Ghost quoted some Enlightenment philosopher and said something along the lines of, "One must not want more or less than what is in store for him, not just to accept it, but to love it."

To one who does not understand the meaning of this quote it appears to be very emo, very much a case of sour grapes (albeit reversed; rather than saying "whatever I can't have is terrible" it says "what I must have is wonderful) but to those who truly grok it, it is the secret to contentment.

The cynic responds that one cannot force oneself to love anything. An even more jaded cynic would respond that even if one can force oneself into loving something it is a ridiculous exercise as their is no choice, that even if one is able to enjoy the situation, one would rather take one's choice over one's fate. To grok the love I speak of one must understand:

I would not have it any other way.

This post dedicated to those who grok and the one who may understand.