October 9th, 2005


Best weekend ever !!!!11!!1!one1one!juan

This post is dedicated to the following amazing people who organized all the amazing things that made this amazing weekend so freaking amazing:

Amazingness follows:
zoogeek and respledant_sun, the STs for l5r.
mythic and returnofglitter, the Masquerade organizers.

Friday night was larp, Legend of the Five Rings. It was amazing. I love playing my monk, Togashi Otojiro. I get to be cryptic, it actually helps me understand Buddhism to an extent, and his flaws play out very nicely in a court setting. Interacting with people was a blast. not_a_girl was so Crane-y; if she wasn't so generous with it her knowledge of Japan would probably be really intimidating. runthebear was incredible (Mantis drunken boxer - amazing [as if I'd use any other positive adjective]). mythic was... slinky. Oh God was she fun to RP with (and we naga-danced!). Alexis was wonderful. Hell, everybody was. Can't... describe... goodness...

Then last night there was masquerade. It turns out my vest didn't fit so I went with more a neo-thirties look. Pictures will be available soon and I swear that I shall post the link for those who aren't members of bsffa_history. Oh God there was so much dancing and so much pretty. People's costumes... so shiny. Travis had an incredible Phantom of the Opera and everyone looked great in their various formal. The decorations were gorgeous. And then there was the dancing...

d33pthought is taking a blues workshop at Penn State this weekend. He titled his latest entry "Hungover -- From Dancing?" Yes, you can get hungover from dancing. I know this because last night I got drunk from dancing. Three hours, every single song. The songs I wasn't dancing for I was dancing to teach people. There was some great swing, mostly with adsartha and Sarah, likewise some cha cha and even a couple tangos (sadly I missed most of "Phantom of the Opera" with lex_of_green; I couldn't find her when the song started and then Sarah grabbed me, but at least we got the last verse and close together>. Then there was a whole lot of bastardized swing/cha cha for all the pop songs. I even attempted step dancing with what I thought were terrible results but lex_of_green and vicalis seemed to enjoy it so I think it must have been alright. The whole night was great. Oh man it was amazing. I'm gonna die.

Afterwards there was dinering. Two big-ass glasses of orange juice, eggs-over-easy, and steak. Big cal-fest after all that dancing. abmann posted recently about how you need to eat to build muscle while exercising so I think it's okay.

I want there to be more dancing. Right now. It's okay, bellydancing in an hour.

Edit: I nearly forgot to mention it! Last night I also got to do a type of swing I've been wanting to do for awhile: double swing. Thing of it as a menage-a-trois version of jitterbug. Sarah, Carolyn, and I. Oh man yes!


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