September 28th, 2005


Real Update

I haven't done a real update in awhile so I think now's the time. Nothing's going on now and I finally got it so that the image on my TV doesn't keep fading in and out (sorry about that, mythic!) so I've got Phantom of the Opera on in the background. It's very nice and "Masquerade's about to go on." Hang on while I watch the pretty.

There, that's better.

Life's been going well for the most part. Last time I had a real update was, jeez, Monday. Last Monday. The 19th. Well let's start from there. For starters, I'm no longer sick. This is good, especially as if I were I'd probably have moved myself to doctor's care.

Classes continue to go well. Two of them continue to be blow off classes, though I think one of them just picked up. Non-Euclidean geometry continues to nearly kick my ass though some how I'm averaging an 88 in it. I have no idea how this is happening but it is, so I'm pretty sure I'll be okay as long as I continue to freak out about it because that means I work my ass off and get good grades. I've been re-teaching myself calculus with limited success, but hey that's what having Div 1 majors for friends is for (for non Beloit People, Division 1 is hard sciences, Division 2 is social sciences, and Division 3 is arts and humanities. One of these days I really must do an essay about the Greek definition of art and argue how rhetoric should be Div 1. But I digress).

Dancing continues to go well. On Wednesday I started relearning merengue, a simple two-step made more difficult for me due to my unfamiliarity with these strange things atop my legs known as "hips." I also began bellydancing on Sunday which should help with that. It's my first non-ballroom dance and has the promise of getting very sexy in time. At least it'll help me with my hips, to say nothing of shrinking my tummy. Perhaps best of all, on Saturday I went to the USABDA dance down in Belvidere. While there was an unfortunate proponderance of old people there, waltz finally clicked for me. Then there was a fucking incredible series of demonstations, including one by Doug and Jill, my favorite swing couple (unlike most other dancers, they always look like they're having fun when they dance). There were also two cabaret-ballroom performances. Cabaret was described as ballet with lots of lifts. Fucking amazing.

There was also an issue with a friend earlier this week. I finally got to talk with said friend last night, and that was cleared up in about two sentences. I maintain that communication truly is the best way to handle these - or really any - issues. The whole thing took about two minutes and things are good again. Hooray for actually talking shit through. Less hooray for mishearing stuff in the first place, but eh.

My room is clean. This is exciting.

L5r prep goes on. Sadly I won't be there for the first session because - and this is exciting - I have the bartending job at Perasons. I'm working about ten hours this weekend, which combined with tips means much-needed money. Woot!

Speaking of l5r, Buddha and I ran the katana workshops last week. Only one person came to the first person but we had six people to the second. I've discovered that I really like teaching, though I need to learn more aikido to teach people the way I'd like. It does make me sad there's no Seidokan dojo in Madison but the place I've found looks good and, according to the head sensei, is fairly similar in style and philosophy.

jinxmurphy convinced me that we should be working together so I've been writing what may be the most offensive musical in history for him. It's called Holocaust: The Musical and I'm fairly certain we're going to hell. Heck, the big dance number is called "The Concentration Camp Jitterbug." Oh yeah, we're going to Hell. I still need to write "The Wheelchair Waltz" and the big dance off between Hitler and Churchill, but that should come fairly quickly. Travis picked up the early songs tonight to begin the composition. We're gonna burn so hard.

And lastly, Serenity comes out tomorrow! jinxmurphy, mythic, adsartha, Deb, and myself have tickets for a midnight showing up in Madison! Even better, it turns out that the theater we found is an ultraplex, which means a four-hundred foot screen. We're talking a slight curve and a quarter of a sound system short of an Imax, here.

I think that's all for now. Adieu.