September 18th, 2005



So now I'm sick.

That's okay. I needed a break anyway.

Woke up late on Saturday. Just wasn't in the mood for breakfast. Not really in the mood to hang out with people either. This resulted in heading up to the Luxury 10 and taking in Just Like Heaven. While it's a movie I'd wanted to see, it was also one that seemed like a wait-for-the-rental movie, but it was just that type of mood. On the plus side I found that the matinee prices are only fifty cents more than the student activities discount tickets so spontaneous movies seem to be okay. It was a good movie, not as sappy romantic as I'd thought, but very well done. It has a twist that isn't, and a few stretched lines of dialogue, but overall it's good times.

Later in the evening there were advanced cha-cha lessons. Darrah taught us the rhythm and basic movement for Cuban cha-cha (Look! Hips!), some crosshand moves almost all of which have the "shadow" prefix, and a few other trading places moves that I don't quite get. I like cha-cha but except for a few dances with mythic it's never really struck me as a sultry or suggestive dance. Cuban cha-cha changes that.

Sadly I couldn't stay for the dance, which Mythic tells me may have been a good thing as most of the people there didn't know what they were doing. I like teaching people how to dance but I really miss the summer dances where you could just ask someone to dance without having to precede it with a ten minute lesson. If I'm mostly dancing with one partner it's okay, but I don't like having to spend half my time going over the basic and convincing people they have rhythm.

Does anyone know if there's dancing anywhere next Saturday?
Update: Yes there is! USABDA dance in Belvidere. I'll be heading down if anyone wants to carpool.

Then there was vicalis's Netherworld party. It wasn't overally exciting as I got there late and didn't get in any games but it was fun to hang out with people. Padre was there and we talked, probably the longest conversation we've had in years, and it was good. Joe purchased the 7th Sea core for the club so I can run my LARP (more details to follow). Much pizza was consumed.

At midnight I left the party and headed to the Orpheum for Rocky Horror. Show thirty-nine. They're on a bi-monthly schedule now and it seems to be working for them. They have sizable audiences now - fairly regularly I'm told - several regular attendees, and many new cast members. I shouted myself nearly hoarse. When Liz found out I was moving to Madison in January she invited me to come back to cast which I will hopefully do, work schedule permitting. After the show there was getting hit on by gay guys and dinering. Well it is Rocky.

Finally got back into Beloit at 4:45 AM. Expected everyone to be asleep but no, jinxmurphy, mythic, adsartha, and Jinxmurphy's friends Jason and Jo J (sp?) were in the lounge. It was general silliness and awesomeness and really a perfect way to end the evening. I haven't really hung out with Adsartha since sophomore year and she's changed in ways I can't identify but can feel. It's like getting to know her all over again. Combined with the fact that I only barely know Jason and my only knowledge of Jo J comes from Jinxmurphy's stories, it almost felt like a night of introductions. It was like those late night conversations you have freshman year. No, not those conversations, think about a month after those ones.

I'm happy for the people in my life.

And then today I woke up and my throat is upset with me. I bailed on breakfast and am considering bailing on bellydancing, except they're still working on basic stuff and it would be nice to get it down. *sigh* Half an hour to decide.

This probably means getting dressed.