September 17th, 2005


Dancing in Circles

I find swing an interesting metaphor. It's my favorite type of dance and it's arguably the dance I'm best at. Yet for all it's benefits it is the least productive (if any dance can be called productive) of any ballroom style. It doesn't have a traveling element, it lacks for sexy, and it has no beautiful poses. Instead people go in circles. There are a number of moves that change the manner and speed at which said circles occur, but at its heart swing is the dance of spinning your wheels and loving every minute of it.*

Tonight was loads of fun. Obviously there was dancing. I can see why Slick doesn't like UWMBDA (that's University of Wisconsin, Madison Ballroom Dance Association) but I disagree. I like that they do all the different styles of ballroom, I like the big crowds of people, I like that people there actually make themselves up for dancing, and I like the music selection. I think I'm going to keep going as often as I can.

Then there were people. Most obviously there was mythic but there was also gentlest_sin, guardian852, lerite, feodoric, phoenix_snake, lady_fox, Will, Tony, and Jesse. I ended up spending most of the night with Mythic and Guardian which I enjoyed but wish I'd spent more time with the people I specifically invited, Lady Fox, Phoenix Snake, and Jesse. Forgive me? Another chance? Yet more swing: having the time of your life as you spin but never moving where you want to go.

Dancing with Mythic was amazing fun. She picked up on stuff really quickly, improved easily, and began teaching me Charleston. We had a great improvised samba with bits of borrowed salsa, cha-cha, and jitterbug. There was also an absolute blast of "Sing, Sing, Sing." I don't think I'll ever get tired of that song.

After dancing there was a brief spout of mixing for people (note to self: I need more Rose's lime) then watching Stage Beauty (purchased in Madison for eight dollah. Woot!) with Mythic, batmiles, Ted, and Ben. It's a tight movie. Then the night ended and that was that and the theme emerges and I am happy with more discussion for those who ask.

Friends-locked without purpose. And rescincded for benefit of Adam, Katie, and Jesse.

Goodnight moon, goodnight air, goodnight people everywhere.

*Please note that despite the implied angst this post is actually angst free. Suggestions of futility are met with amusement rather than frustration and the emphasis is always on the happiness rather than the lack of progress.