September 16th, 2005


Leaving QCorp

Many thanks to everyone who expressed concern, particularly Reed, Katrina, Justin, and Adam. I am happy to say that nothing horrible has happened, I'm just being scared because I made a big career decision last week and today I followed through with it.

I fired my agent today. If you've been following along you know about hte offer I got from Tamir and that my agent didn't want me to take it. Last week I found out he's been basically sitting on it for a year without doing anything productive, to say nothing of a slough of other unprofessional behavior. So I let him go. While I know this is the right decision it doesn't change the fact that I've severed my only professional film industry advancement in order to work with a graduate student. So basically I'm scared shitless.

In other news (notice the tone shift) today was pretty solid. Class was pleasant, I finally got to spar, everyone watched The Gamers, and I watched Sin City with Fro, Ann, Becca, Alex++, and some other random friend of Fro's. Afterwards I went walking with Ann and it was nice to finally get a chance to talk with her.

Tomorrow, dancing up in Madison. Iris, Jesse, it looks like I won't be getting there til 7:30 but I will see you there, yes?