September 14th, 2005


Life Update

Oh, where to begin? Chronologically would make the most sense but doesn't really bear on what's going through my head. As for my head, I'm not entirely comfortable posting it so I will simply say that it's related to dancing last Saturday and most of those who are meant to understand will and the others can ask if they so desire.

Chronologically my life is equally busy. I got an 84 on my first math assignment which pleased me to no end. While I wouldn't be happy with an 84 in nearly any other subject, or even several years ago, given how out of touch I am with math and how different this is from any math I've done before, I'm well pleased. I also had my first fencing lesson last night. It was lots of footwork and was lots of pain, especially because earlier in the day I pulled my left bicep and left quad swimming (but I reached my goal of fifty laps! Woot!), but I think it'll help. While I have no desire to learn to fence it should improve my ability to judge distance and timing for aikido, to say nothing of how it might help my balance.

Last night was a mistake. lex_of_green, jinxmurphy, Ben, and I watched Buffy from about 10:30 on. I meant to go to bed at 1:30 last night but that's when Jinx suggested putting in one more episode of Buffy, which turned out to be a two-parter and you can't leave in the middle, can you? I mean that's one of the great values of actually having it on DVD. So by the time we'd finished the double episode it was an hour and a half past bed time and then Jinx and I just ended up staying up talking until four. Then this morning I had to get up at 8:30 to see my math prof. Consequently I'm somewhat tired (read: terribly exhausted).

Today was exciting news: I have a job! Chris Bailing, the Pearsons manager (that's roughly our student union manager for you non-Beloiters) was walking through DK's (fast-food cafeteria) and I asked her about bartending (she manages most of campus catering). She asked me if I had any training and I'd barely managed "Ye-" out of my mouth, let alone gone into my work experience before she started bouncing with excitement. So it seems I'm working. Hot!

This afternoon there was copy-editing for The Round Table. It feels good to be involved on campus. Some of the articles were well-written, some weren't, but on the whole it wasn't so bad, especially at about ten minutes an article. Then I got a lovely e-mail from Caroline thanking me for an excellent job so that just about made my day.

And most recently, my room is now finally unpacked. And it's only three weeks into the semester!