September 11th, 2005


List and Agenda

There are some times when in spite of everything that's happened posting feels as if it serves no purpose. What can one say?

Today I:
-Played Def Jam.
-Had an hour long conversation with Katie.
-Worked up courage.

Tongiht I:
-Went dancing.
-Spent time with Jo.
-Saw Slick, Zee, and Mouse.
-Greatly improved my west coast swing thanks to their help.
-Had one of my best cha-chas ever.
-Had an hour long conversation of silliness.
-Got tipsy.
-Talked with Buddha.

Tomorrow I will:
-Take a stab at my non-Euclidean homework.
-Do laundry.
-Do my oral interpretation reading.
-Call my parents.